City Planning & Urban Dev. Ebooks

Conflict, Improvisation, Governance: Street Level Practices for Urban Democracy ebook cover
Applying leadership and management in planning: Theory and practice ebook cover
Pandemic Planning ebook cover
Governing Urban Sustainability: Comparing Cities in the USA and Germany ebook cover
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Building the Future: Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation ebook cover
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Global Cases in Best and Worst Practice in Crisis and Emergency Management ebook cover
ReThinking the City ebook cover
Infrastructure delivery planning: An effective practice approach ebook cover
Insuring Life: Value, Security and Risk ebook cover
Rethinking Life at the Margins: The Assemblage of Contexts, Subjects, and Politics ebook cover
Public Budgeting in African Nations: Fiscal Analysis in Development Management ebook cover
Energy, Power and Protest on the Urban Grid: Geographies of the Electric City ebook cover
Cool Cities: Urban Sovereignty and the Fix for Global Warming ebook cover
Dutch Land-use Planning: The Principles and the Practice ebook cover
Cities and Climate Change ebook cover
De-coding New Regionalism ebook cover
Culture, Urbanism and Planning ebook cover
Local Sustainable Urban Development in a Globalized World ebook cover
Partnership, Collaborative Planning and Urban Regeneration ebook cover
Discourse Dynamics in Participatory Planning: Opening the Bureaucracy to Strangers ebook cover
Manifestoes and Transformations in the Early Modernist City ebook cover
Industrial Tourism: Opportunities for City and Enterprise ebook cover
Participatory Development in Kenya ebook cover
Participatory Rural Planning: Exploring Evidence from Ireland ebook cover