Cognitive Psychology Ebooks

International Review of Research in Mental Retardation ebook cover
Roles of Vasopressin and Oxytocin in Memory Processing ebook cover
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Perceptual Learning: Advances in Research and Theory ebook cover
Cognitive Issues in Motor Expertise ebook cover
Human Mental Workload ebook cover
Human Judgment: The SJT View ebook cover
The Development of Timing Control and Temporal Organization in Coordinated Action ebook cover
Cognitive Development: Neo-Piagetian Perspectives ebook cover
Visual Attention and Cognition ebook cover
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International Review of Research in Mental Retardation ebook cover
Judgment and Decision Making: Neo-brunswikian and Process-tracing Approaches ebook cover
Handbook of Episodic Memory ebook cover
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Learning to Solve Problems ebook cover
Bureaucracy, Community and Influence in India ebook cover
Cognition and Action in Skilled Behaviour ebook cover
Psychology of Learning and Motivation ebook cover
Attention ebook cover
$265.95 $280.00
Cognition in Education ebook cover
Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL ebook cover
Neuroscience of Preference and Choice: Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms ebook cover
Treatment Resistant Anxiety Disorders: Resolving Impasses to Symptom Remission ebook cover
Telemental Health ebook cover
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Unlock the Genius Within: Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching, and Transformative Learning ebook cover
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CBT Skills Workbook: Practical Exercises and Worksheets to Promote Change ebook cover
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