Cognitive Psychology Ebooks

Communication and Affect: Language and Thought ebook cover
Paired-Associates Learning: The Role of Meaningfulness, Similarity, and Familiarization ebook cover
Perceptual Coding ebook cover
Historical and Philosophical Roots of Perception ebook cover
Fundamentals of Learning and Memory ebook cover
New Horizon Testing: Latent Trait Test Theory and Computerized Adaptive Testing ebook cover
Natural and Artificial Intelligence: Misconceptions about Brains and Neural Networks ebook cover
Working Memory: Loss and reconstruction ebook cover
An Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (Psychology Revivals) ebook cover
Closing the Mind Gap: Making Smarter Decisions in a Hypercomplex World ebook cover
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Complex Problem Solving: The European Perspective ebook cover
Lectures on Human and Animal Psychology (Psychology Revivals) ebook cover
Experimental Psychology Its Scope and Method ebook cover
Methods of Thought: Individual Differences in Reasoning Strategies ebook cover
From Mating to Mentality: Evaluating Evolutionary Psychology ebook cover
The Interface of Language, Vision, and Action: Eye Movements and the Visual World ebook cover
Development of Mental Representation: Theories and Applications ebook cover
How People Evaluate Others in Organizations ebook cover
The African American Experience: Psychoanalytic Perspectives ebook cover
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STTS: Maximise Your Memory Power ebook cover
$9.10 $12.79
Hurting Memories and Beneficial Forgetting ebook cover
Stress Response Syndromes: PTSD, Grief, Adjustment, and Dissociative Disorders ebook cover
$33.65 $41.50
Decision Making: Neural and Behavioural Approaches ebook cover
$254.60 $268.00