Colonial Period Ebooks

Libations of the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
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George Washington's Secret Navy: How the American Revolution Went to Sea ebook cover
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John Quincy Adams ebook cover
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The Native Ground: Indians and Colonists in the Heart of the Continent ebook cover
After King Philip's War: Presence and Persistence in Indian New England ebook cover
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The History of Philip's War: Commonly Called the Great Indian War of 1675 and 1676 ebook cover
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A Staggering Revolution: A Cultural History of Thirties Photography ebook cover
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Savagism and Civilization: A Study of the Indian and the American Mind ebook cover
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Ordinary Courage: The Revolutionary War Adventures of Joseph Plumb Martin ebook cover
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American Confluence ebook cover
$19.60 $23.95
We Mean to Be Counted: White Women and Politics in Antebellum Virginia ebook cover
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American Indian Politics and the American Political System ebook cover
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The Pirates' Pact ebook cover
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Elementary Common Sense of Thomas Paine ebook cover
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A Man of Distinction Among Them ebook cover
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Envisioning an English Empire: Jamestown and the Making of the North Atlantic World ebook cover
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American Artifacts of Personal Adornment, 1680-1820 ebook cover
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Clash of Cultures ebook cover
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James Edward Oglethorpe: Foreword by Eugenia Price ebook cover
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Rum Punch and Revolution: Taverngoing and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia ebook cover
The First Prejudice: Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in Early America ebook cover
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The Forgotten History of America ebook cover
$16.25 $19.99
English and the Discourses of Colonialism ebook cover
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North, South, East, West: American Indians and the Natural World ebook cover
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