Colonialism & Post Colonialism Ebooks

South Asian Islam and British Multiculturalism ebook cover
What Colonialism Ignored: African Potentials for Resolving Conflicts in Southern Africa ebook cover
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Disrupting Maize: Food, Biotechnology and Nationalism in Contemporary Mexico ebook cover
$32.35 $42.99
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Islam and International Relations: Exploring Community and the Limits of Universalism ebook cover
$31.65 $38.99
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The Site of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus in Singapore ebook cover
$56.45 $76.00
Neo-Liberal Strategies of Governing India ebook cover
Decentralisation and Community Participation ebook cover
$28.20 $32.00
The Mandate of Dignity ebook cover
Landscape and Gender in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, and Thomas Hardy ebook cover
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Conversations with Enrique Dussel on Anti-Cartesian Decoloniality & Pluriversal Transmodernity ebook cover
$38.85 $49.99
Reforming Trollope: Race, Gender, and Englishness in the Novels of Anthony Trollope ebook cover
The Complete Folk & Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Wisehouse Classics - The Complete and Authoritative Edition) ebook cover
Richard Hakluyt and Travel Writing in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
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Popular Politics and Rebellion in Mexico: Manuel Lozada and La Reforma, 1855-1876 ebook cover
$8.00 $9.99
International Law and Boundary Disputes in Africa ebook cover
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The Legacy of Eric Williams: Into the Postcolonial Moment ebook cover
$48.30 $60.00
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The Last Isle: Contemporary Film, Culture and Trauma in Global Taiwan ebook cover
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Imperial Projections: Screening the German Colonies ebook cover
Popular Protest in Palestine: The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance ebook cover
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Africa's Social and Religious Quest ebook cover
$51.45 $63.99
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Heritage Politics: Shuri Castle and Okinawa's Incorporation into Modern Japan, 1879-2000 ebook cover
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Zulu Warriors: The Battle for the South African Frontier ebook cover
A History of South Africa, Fourth Edition ebook cover
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The French Colonial Imagination ebook cover
$61.50 $83.00