Communication Ebooks

Statistical Deception at Work ebook cover
Multiplayer: The Social Aspects of Digital Gaming ebook cover
Coalescent Argumentation ebook cover
Assessing Communication Education: A Handbook for Media, Speech, and Theatre Educators ebook cover
Rhetorical Memory and Delivery ebook cover
Performing the Past: A Study of Israeli Settlement Museums ebook cover
An Analysis of Thinking and Research About Qualitative Methods ebook cover
The Unseen Power: Public Relations: A History ebook cover
The Silicone Breast Implant Story: Communication and Uncertainty ebook cover
Understanding Face-to-face Interaction: Issues Linking Goals and Discourse ebook cover
The Talk of the Clinic: Explorations in the Analysis of Medical and therapeutic Discourse ebook cover
Teaching Communication: Theory, Research, and Methods ebook cover
Responding To the Screen: Reception and Reaction Processes ebook cover
Case Studies in Health Communication ebook cover
Applied Communication in the 21st Century ebook cover
Message Production: Advances in Communication Theory ebook cover
Partnership for Health: Building Relationships Between Women and Health Caregivers ebook cover
Alzheimer Discourse: Some Sociolinguistic Dimensions ebook cover
American Communication Research: The Remembered History ebook cover
Latin American Journalism ebook cover
Cultural Communication and Intercultural Contact ebook cover
Parents, Children, and Communication: Frontiers of Theory and Research ebook cover
Argumentation Schemes for Presumptive Reasoning ebook cover
Ethical Issues in the Communication Process ebook cover