Communication Ebooks

Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication ebook cover
Classroom Communication and Diversity: Enhancing Instructional Practice ebook cover
Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives ebook cover
$32.05 $39.50
The Political Economy of News in China: Manufacturing Harmony ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
Communication Centers: A Theory-Based Guide to Training and Management ebook cover
$67.55 $84.50
Working to Laugh: Assembling Difference in American Stand-Up Comedy Venues ebook cover
$63.65 $79.50
Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories ebook cover
$35.65 $47.50
Scholarly Communications: A History from Content as King to Content as Kingmaker ebook cover
$64.45 $80.50
Globalization and Culture: Global Mlange ebook cover
$23.65 $29.00
Identity and Power in Narratives of Displacement ebook cover
Discourse Analysis beyond the Speech Event ebook cover
Media Consumption in Malaysia: A Hermeneutics of Human Behaviour ebook cover
Disturbing Argument ebook cover
Feature and Narrative Storytelling for Multimedia Journalists ebook cover
Sport History in the Digital Era ebook cover
$23.55 $30.00
Digital Transformations in Turkey: Current Perspectives in Communication Studies ebook cover
$79.30 $99.50
Audience Responses to Real Media Violence: The Knockout Game ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
Information Communication Technology (ICT) Integration to Educational Curricula ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
The New Celebrity Scientists: Out of the Lab and into the Limelight ebook cover
$30.85 $38.00
A Force for Good: How the American News Media Have Propelled Positive Change ebook cover
$30.85 $38.00
Typed Words, Loud Voices ebook cover
$7.35 $8.99
In a Perfect World - Interpersonal Skills for Life ebook cover
$5.34 $6.99
Signal Traffic: Critical Studies of Media Infrastructures ebook cover
$19.85 $25.20
The Political Language of Food ebook cover
$38.40 $47.50