Comparative Ebooks

Restructuring the Global Automobile Industry ebook cover
Labour Relations in the Motor Industry ebook cover
Strategic Adjustment of Price by Japanese and American Automobile Manufacturers ebook cover
Technological Change, Rationalisation and Industrial Relations ebook cover
The Motor Car Industry in Coventry Since the 1890's ebook cover
Replacement Costs and Accounting Reform in Post-World War I Germany ebook cover
Questioning Financial Governance from a Feminist Perspective ebook cover
Understanding the Chinese Economies ebook cover
Bear Traps on Russia's Road to Modernization ebook cover
International Trade Negotiations and Domestic Politics ebook cover
The Political Economy and Media Coverage of the European Economic Crisis ebook cover
South-East Europe in Evolution ebook cover
An East Asian Challenge to Western Neoliberalism ebook cover
Jean-Baptiste Say and the Classical Canon in Economics ebook cover
Mexico Beyond NAFTA ebook cover
Plunkett's Almanac of Asian Companies 2012 ebook cover
Reconstructing China ebook cover
$22.00 $25.00
The Black Death in Egypt and England: A Comparative Study ebook cover
Developing Innovation Systems: Mexico in a Global Context ebook cover
The Great Financial Plumbing: From Northern Rock to Banking Union ebook cover
$33.80 $44.99
Rethinking Economics: An Introduction to Pluralist Economics ebook cover
Recasting Welfare Capitalism: Economic Adjustment in Contemporary France and Germany ebook cover
$47.50 $54.50
Institutions and Development After the Financial Crisis ebook cover
How to Keep a Competitive Edge in the Talent Game ebook cover
$18.05 $21.99