Comparative Ebooks

Warlords, Strongman Governors, and the State in Afghanistan ebook cover
The European Unfair Commercial Practices Directive ebook cover
Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union ebook cover
The Integration and Protection of Immigrants: Canadian and Scandinavian Critiques ebook cover
The Quest for Constitutionalism: South Africa since 1994 ebook cover
Militant Democracy: Undemocratic Political Parties and Beyond ebook cover
Confucian Constitutionalism in East Asia ebook cover
Legal Culture in the United States: An Introduction ebook cover
Comparative Legal Linguistics: Language of Law, Latin and Modern Lingua Francas ebook cover
The Constitution for Europe ebook cover
The Export of Legal Education: Its Promise and Impact in Transition Countries ebook cover
Law and the Wearing of Religious Symbols ebook cover
Confronting the Human Rights ACT 1998: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives ebook cover
Medical Ethics in China ebook cover
The Nature of Inquisitorial Processes in Administrative Regimes: Global Perspectives ebook cover
The Dynamics of Law and Morality: A Pluralist Account of Legal Interactionism ebook cover
The Law and Economics of Enforcing European Consumer Law ebook cover
The International Law of the Shipmaster ebook cover
Human Rights Law in Europe ebook cover
A Study of Mixed Legal Systems: Endangered, Entrenched or Blended ebook cover
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The Judicial System and Reform in Post-Mao China: Stumbling Towards Justice ebook cover
Administrative Litigation Systems in Greater China and Europe ebook cover
Language and Culture in EU Law: Multidisciplinary Perspectives ebook cover
Funding Religious Heritage ebook cover