Comparative Ebooks

The Development of the Chinese Legal System: Change and Challenges ebook cover
Resolving Disputes in the Asia-Pacific Region ebook cover
Human Rights and Minority Rights in the European Union ebook cover
Australian Restitution Law ebook cover
Boilerplate Clauses, International Commercial Contracts and the Applicable Law ebook cover
Precontractual Liability in European Private Law ebook cover
Weak Courts, Strong Rights ebook cover
Judicial Independence in China ebook cover
Legal Accents, Legal Borrowing: The International Problem-Solving Court Movement ebook cover
Weak Courts, Strong Rights ebook cover
The Constitution for Europe ebook cover
Law in Times of Crisis ebook cover
Designing Authenticity into Language Learning Materials ebook cover
Global Anti-Terrorism Law Policy ebook cover
The Composition of Herman Melville ebook cover
Resolution of Financial Distress
An International Perspective on the Design of Bankruptcy Laws
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Visual Language for the World Wide Web ebook cover
Money Laundering ebook cover