Comparative Literature Ebooks

The Orphan in Eighteenth-Century Law and Literature: Estate, Blood, and Body ebook cover
The Romance of the Holy Land in American Travel Writing, 1790-1876 ebook cover
An Ecology of World Literature: From Antiquity to the Present Day ebook cover
The Art of Intimacy: The Space Between ebook cover
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Mortality's Muse: The Fine Art of Dying ebook cover
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The Parvenu's Plot: Gender, Culture, and Class in the Age of Realism ebook cover
$36.90 $39.99
Genealogy of the Tragic: Greek Tragedy and German Philosophy ebook cover
Poetic Trespass: Writing between Hebrew and Arabic in Israel/Palestine ebook cover
Stealing Helen: The Myth of the Abducted Wife in Comparative Perspective ebook cover
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Shakespeare and the Spanish Comedia ebook cover
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Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature ebook cover
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Reclaiming Our Brains Without Losing Our Minds: Some Hows and Whys of a Reading Group ebook cover
$25.75 $31.99
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Post-Conflict Central American Literature: Searching for Home and Longing to Belong ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
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Extravagant Postcolonialism: Modernism and Modernity in Anglophone Fiction, 1958-1988 ebook cover
$37.00 $48.99
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Relativism, Alternate History, and the Forgetful Reader ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
Convict Voices: Women, Class, and Writing about Prison in Nineteenth-Century England ebook cover
$35.10 $37.99
Rainbows of Malay Literature and Beyond ebook cover
Site Reading: Fiction, Art, Social Form ebook cover
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The Poetics of Genre in the Contemporary Novel ebook cover
$69.30 $94.99
Marian Moments in Early Modern British Drama ebook cover
Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson: New Directions in Biography ebook cover
Romanticism and Religion from William Cowper to Wallace Stevens ebook cover
T.E. Hulme and the Question of Modernism ebook cover
The Culture of Equity in Early Modern England ebook cover