Comparative Literature Ebooks

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Faulkner's Geographies ebook cover
$47.70 $60.00
Crime in Fact and Fiction ebook cover
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Critical Approaches to Joseph Conrad ebook cover
$29.60 $38.99
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Melinda Camber Porter In Conversation With Eugenio Montale: Milan, Italy 1976 ebook cover
$7.75 $9.99
Mythology in the Modern Novel: A Study of Prefigurative Techniques ebook cover
Mysticism in English Literature ebook cover
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Phenomena-Critique-Logos: The Project of Critical Phenomenology ebook cover
$26.15 $34.99
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Intensities and Lines of Flight: Deleuze/Guattari and the Arts ebook cover
$29.65 $36.99
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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh: A Critical Study ebook cover
$15.75 $27.95
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Street Urchins, Sociopaths and Degenerates ebook cover
$109.25 $140.00
Dictionary of Untranslatables: A Philosophical Lexicon ebook cover
The Consolations of Writing ebook cover
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Borrowed Imagination: The British Romantic Poets and Their Arabic-Islamic Sources ebook cover
$74.85 $94.99
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Principle and Propensity ebook cover
$37.00 $48.99
Shakespeare on the Edge: Border-crossing in the Tragedies and the Henriad ebook cover
Literary Circles and Gender in Early Modern Europe: A Cross-Cultural Approach ebook cover
Women in Europe between the Wars: Politics, Culture and Society ebook cover
Hellenism and Loss in the Work of Virginia Woolf ebook cover
Transatlantic Traffic and (Mis)Translations ebook cover
$36.90 $39.99
The Imaginary and Its Worlds: American Studies after the Transnational Turn ebook cover
$31.45 $33.99
Shock and Awe ebook cover
$36.90 $39.99
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Wordsworth, Hemans, and Politics, 1800-1830: Romantic Crises ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
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The Artist and the Trinity: Dorothy L. Sayers' Theology of Work ebook cover
$15.45 $19.00
A Return to the Common Reader: Print Culture and the Novel, 1850-1900 ebook cover