Computational & Molecular Modeling Ebooks

Computational Photochemistry ebook cover
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Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry: The First Forty Years ebook cover
$458.05 $495.00
The Nature of Mathematics and the Mathematics of Nature ebook cover
$328.65 $355.00
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Computational Organic Chemistry ebook cover
$29.90 $38.95
Adsorption Calculations and Modelling ebook cover
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Chemistry in the Community ebook cover
$76.65 $100.00
Nanomaterials: Design and Simulation ebook cover
$250.10 $270.00
Theoretical Aspects of Chemical Reactivity ebook cover
$296.30 $320.00
Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry ebook cover
$261.25 $275.00
Computational Methods for Process Simulation ebook cover
Theoretical and Computational Inorganic Chemistry ebook cover
$252.70 $266.00
Ideas of Quantum Chemistry ebook cover
Physical Chemistry: Concepts and Theory ebook cover
$187.45 $200.00
Concepts of Mathematical Physics in Chemistry: A Tribute to Frank E. Harris - Part B ebook cover
Epi-Informatics: Discovery and Development of Small Molecule Epigenetic Drugs and Probes ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
Advances in Mathematical Chemistry and Applications: Volume 2 ebook cover
$160.30 $170.00
Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry ebook cover
$218.75 $235.00
Theoretical Organic Chemistry ebook cover
$398.00 $430.00
Advances in Quantum Chemistry: A Tribute Volume in Honour of Professor Osvaldo Goscinski ebook cover
Advances in Quantum Chemistry: Response Theory and Molecular Properties ebook cover
Advances in Quantum Chemistry: Theory of the Interaction of Radiation with Biomolecules ebook cover
Advances in Quantum Chemistry ebook cover
Essential Computational Modeling in Chemistry ebook cover
The Thermodynamics of Phase and Reaction Equilibria ebook cover
$144.75 $153.00