Computer Engineering Ebooks

Quantum Computing Since Democritus ebook cover
Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications ebook cover
Intelligent Systems for Security Informatics ebook cover
Green and Sustainable Computing: Part II ebook cover
Modern Embedded Computing: Designing Connected, Pervasive, Media-Rich Systems ebook cover
Automatic Parallelization: An Overview of Fundamental Compiler Techniques ebook cover
Algebraic Shift Register Sequences ebook cover
Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Medical Imaging Intelligence and Analysis ebook cover
Engineering a Compiler ebook cover
GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition ebook cover
Architecture of Network Systems ebook cover
Handbook of Research on P2P and Grid Systems for Service-Oriented Computing ebook cover
$469.80 $495.00
FPGAs: World Class Designs ebook cover
SOA in Practice: The Art of Distributed System Design ebook cover
$28.00 $31.99
Fundamental Concepts in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Practical Design Problems ebook cover
Digital Electronics and Design with VHDL ebook cover
PC Interfacing ebook cover