Computer Engineering Ebooks

DSP Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real-Time Systems ebook cover
Silicon Germanium: Technology, Modeling, and Design ebook cover
Verification of Systems and Circuits Using LOTOS, Petri Nets, and CCS ebook cover
Sustainable IT Architecture ebook cover
Constraint Networks: Targeting Simplicity for Techniques and Algorithms ebook cover
Continuous Semi-Markov Processes ebook cover
Evolving Intelligent Systems: Methodology and Applications ebook cover
Business and Scientific Workflows: A Web Service-Oriented Approach ebook cover
Nanoscale CMOS: Innovative Materials, Modeling and Characterization ebook cover
Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design ebook cover
Model Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems 2009 ebook cover
Modern Machine Learning Techniques and Their Applications in Cartoon Animation Research ebook cover
Cabling Part 1: LAN Networks and Cabling Systems ebook cover
Visual Inspection Technology in the Hard Disc Drive Industry ebook cover
Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering ebook cover
Reliability of Computer Systems and Networks: Fault Tolerance, Analysis, and Design ebook cover
Pipelined Processor Farms: Structured Design for Embedded Parallel Systems ebook cover
Nano-CMOS Circuit and Physical Design ebook cover
Component-Oriented Programming ebook cover
Parallel Computing for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology ebook cover
Sourcebook of ATM and IP Internetworking ebook cover
IPv6 Deployment and Management ebook cover
Enterprise Interoperability ebook cover
Large-scale Distributed Systems and Energy Efficiency: A Holistic View ebook cover