Computer Engineering Ebooks

Sustainable IT Architecture ebook cover
Constraint Networks: Targeting Simplicity for Techniques and Algorithms ebook cover
Continuous Semi-Markov Processes ebook cover
Evolving Intelligent Systems: Methodology and Applications ebook cover
Business and Scientific Workflows: A Web Service-Oriented Approach ebook cover
Nanoscale CMOS: Innovative Materials, Modeling and Characterization ebook cover
Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design ebook cover
Model Driven Engineering for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems 2009 ebook cover
Modern Machine Learning Techniques and Their Applications in Cartoon Animation Research ebook cover
Cabling Part 1: LAN Networks and Cabling Systems ebook cover
Visual Inspection Technology in the Hard Disc Drive Industry ebook cover
Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering ebook cover
Reliability of Computer Systems and Networks: Fault Tolerance, Analysis, and Design ebook cover
Pipelined Processor Farms: Structured Design for Embedded Parallel Systems ebook cover
Nano-CMOS Circuit and Physical Design ebook cover
Parallel Computing for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology ebook cover
IPv6 Deployment and Management ebook cover
Enterprise Interoperability ebook cover
Large-scale Distributed Systems and Energy Efficiency: A Holistic View ebook cover
Component-Oriented Programming ebook cover
Task Scheduling for Parallel Systems ebook cover
Semantic Web and Model-Driven Engineering ebook cover
Safety Management of Software-based Equipment ebook cover
Guided Randomness in Optimization, Volume 1 ebook cover