Constitutional Ebooks

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Religion on Trial: How Supreme Court Trends Threaten Freedom of Conscience in America ebook cover
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European and US Constitutionalism ebook cover
The Constitution of Law ebook cover
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The First Amendment and Civil Liability ebook cover
$13.40 $15.95
The Torturer in the Mirror ebook cover
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Before the Next Attack: Preserving Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism ebook cover
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Electoral Laws & Their Political Consequences (eBook) ebook cover
EU Enlargement and the Constitutions of Central and Eastern Europe ebook cover
Treaty Politics and the Rise of Executive Agreements ebook cover
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Civil Society, Constitution, and Legitimacy ebook cover
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The Birth of the English Common Law ebook cover
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Myth of Judicial Activism: Making Sense of Supreme Court Decisions ebook cover
$23.15 $30.00
Black Resistance/White Law: A History of Constitutional Racism in America ebook cover
African Constitutionalism and the Role of Islam ebook cover
Human Rights in the Digital Age ebook cover
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The Tenth Amendment and State Sovereignty: Constitutional History and Contemporary Issues ebook cover
$33.25 $41.00
The Politics of Rights: Lawyers, Public Policy, and Political Change ebook cover
Immigrants at the Margins ebook cover
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The Presidential Republic: Executive Representation and Deliberative Democracy ebook cover
$27.65 $34.00
EU External Relations and Systems of Governance ebook cover
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Constitutional Law in the United States ebook cover
$62.45 $78.00
Out of the Closets and Into the Courts ebook cover
Locke, Jefferson, and the Justices, Foundations and Failures of the Usg (eBook) ebook cover