Criminology Ebooks

Governing Security: Explorations of Policing and Justice ebook cover
Oppression: A Study in Social and Criminal Psychology ebook cover
Evolution and Crime ebook cover
Q&A Criminal Law 2013-2014 ebook cover
Transforming Criminal Justice?: Problem-Solving and Court Specialisation ebook cover
Criminological Research for Beginners: A Student's Guide ebook cover
Crime, Justice and the Media ebook cover
Criminology and Criminal Justice: A Study Guide ebook cover
Crime in England 1688-1815 ebook cover
Police Reform from the Bottom Up: Officers and their Unions as Agents of Change ebook cover
Regulating Corporate Bribery in International Business ebook cover
Fundamental Principles of EU Law Against Money Laundering ebook cover
An introduction to political crime ebook cover
Carceral Geography: Spaces and Practices of Incarceration ebook cover
Shakespeare Saved My Life: Ten Years in Solitary with the Bard ebook cover
Escape to Prison: Penal Tourism and the Pull of Punishment ebook cover
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Municipal Corporate Security in International Context ebook cover
Keeping Religious Institutions Secure ebook cover
Harmful societies: Understanding social harm ebook cover
Comparative Emergency Management: Examining Global and Regional Responses to Disasters ebook cover
Cartel Criminality: The Mythology and Pathology of Business Collusion ebook cover
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Framing Law and Crime: An Interdisciplinary Anthology ebook cover
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Criminal Justice Policy and Planning: Planned Change ebook cover
Understanding police intelligence work ebook cover