Criminology Ebooks

Social Work and the Law ebook cover
Surveillance, Capital and Resistance: Theorizing the Surveillance Subject ebook cover
Binding Men: Stories About Violence and Law in Late Victorian England ebook cover
The Judicial System and Reform in Post-Mao China: Stumbling Towards Justice ebook cover
The Exclusionary Rule of Evidence: Comparative Analysis and Proposals for Reform ebook cover
Hidden stories of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry: Personal reflections ebook cover
Actor-Network Theory and Crime Studies: Explorations in Science and Technology ebook cover
Iphigenia in Forest Hills: Anatomy of a Murder Trial ebook cover
The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age ebook cover
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Justice Miscarried: Inside Wrongful Convictions in Canada ebook cover
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Business Espionage: Risks, Threats, and Countermeasures ebook cover
Preventing Human Trafficking: Education and NGOs in Thailand ebook cover
Thinking About Political Corruption ebook cover
Environmental Crime and Social Conflict: Contemporary and Emerging Issues ebook cover
Evolutionary Criminology: Towards a Comprehensive Explanation of Crime ebook cover
Governance of the Illegal Trade in E-Waste and Tropical Timber ebook cover
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The Killing Consensus ebook cover
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Power and Crime ebook cover
Supervision for Forensic Practitioners ebook cover
Values in criminology and community justice ebook cover
Honour-Based Violence ebook cover
Young People's Understandings of Men's Violence Against Women ebook cover
The Securitization and Policing of Art Theft: The Case of London ebook cover
Pan-African Issues in Drugs and Drug Control: An International Perspective ebook cover