Criminology Ebooks

Emotions, Decision-Making and Mass Atrocities ebook cover
The Death Penalty in Africa: The Path Towards Abolition ebook cover
Online Gambling and Crime: Causes, Controls and Controversies ebook cover
Developing Restorative Justice Jurisprudence: Rethinking Responses to Criminal Wrongdoing ebook cover
Reconceptualising Penality ebook cover
Masculinities in the Criminological Field: Control, Vulnerability and Risk-Taking ebook cover
Environmental Crime and its Victims: Perspectives within Green Criminology ebook cover
Handbook on Prisons ebook cover
Crime Prevention ebook cover
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Drugs and Crime ebook cover
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Towards a Victimology of State Crime ebook cover
Regulating Corporate Bribery in International Business ebook cover
Contemporary Perspectives on the Detection, Investigation and Prosecution of Art Crime ebook cover
$112.80 $124.95
The Poetics of Crime ebook cover
The Judicial System and Reform in Post-Mao China: Stumbling Towards Justice ebook cover
Fundamental Principles of EU Law Against Money Laundering ebook cover
The Exclusionary Rule of Evidence: Comparative Analysis and Proposals for Reform ebook cover
Transforming probation: Social theories and the criminal justice system ebook cover
Carceral Geography: Spaces and Practices of Incarceration ebook cover
Actor-Network Theory and Crime Studies: Explorations in Science and Technology ebook cover
Crime and Justice in America: Critical Issues for the Future ebook cover
Preventing Human Trafficking: Education and NGOs in Thailand ebook cover
Environmental Crime and Social Conflict: Contemporary and Emerging Issues ebook cover
Governance of the Illegal Trade in E-Waste and Tropical Timber ebook cover