Criminology Ebooks

Evolutionary Criminology: Towards a Comprehensive Explanation of Crime ebook cover
Governance of the Illegal Trade in E-Waste and Tropical Timber ebook cover
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The Killing Consensus ebook cover
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Power and Crime ebook cover
Supervision for Forensic Practitioners ebook cover
Values in criminology and community justice ebook cover
Honour-Based Violence ebook cover
Young People's Understandings of Men's Violence Against Women ebook cover
The Securitization and Policing of Art Theft: The Case of London ebook cover
Pan-African Issues in Drugs and Drug Control: An International Perspective ebook cover
Women in War: Examples from Norway and Beyond ebook cover
Prisoner Voices from Death Row: Indian Experiences ebook cover
C. Wright Mills and the Criminological Imagination: Prospects for Creative Inquiry ebook cover
Lost Causes: Blended Sentencing, Second Chances, and the Texas Youth Commission ebook cover
Captivity Beyond Prisons: Criminalization Experiences of Latina (Im)migrants ebook cover
Islamophobia in Cyberspace: Hate Crimes Go Viral ebook cover
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Hiding in Plain Sight: The Pursuit of War Criminals from Nuremberg to the War on Terror ebook cover
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The Law Relating to Financial Crime in the United Kingdom ebook cover
Introduction to Security ebook cover
Parental Incarceration: Personal Accounts and Developmental Impact ebook cover
Advancing Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy ebook cover
Fragile Migration Rights: Freedom of movement in post-Soviet Russia ebook cover
Young People, Crime and Justice ebook cover
The Lawbreaker: A Critical Study of the Modern Treatment of Crime ebook cover