Criminology Ebooks

Chaplains to the Imprisoned: Sharing Life with the Incarcerated ebook cover
Political Violence in Egypt 1910-1925: Secret Societies, Plots and Assassinations ebook cover
Crime and Social Policy ebook cover
Creciendo Libre: Manual para Sobrevivientes de la Violencia Doméstica ebook cover
Penal Power and Colonial Rule ebook cover
Green Criminology: An Introduction to the Study of Environmental Harm ebook cover
Forensic Social Work: Legal Aspects of Professional Practice, Second Edition ebook cover
Prison Violence: Conflict, power and vicitmization ebook cover
Prisons, Terrorism and Extremism ebook cover
Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, Policy and Practice ebook cover
Global Crime Today: The Changing Face of Organised Crime ebook cover
Culture, Peers, and Delinquency ebook cover
Advancing Qualitative Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice ebook cover
Advancing Quantitative Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice ebook cover
Situational Prevention of Poaching ebook cover
Perceptions of Criminal Justice ebook cover
Capital Punishment in Twentieth-Century Britain: Audience, Justice, Memory ebook cover
Crime Prevention ebook cover
Environmental Criminology: Evolution, Theory, and Practice ebook cover
Residential Education as an Option for At-Risk Youth ebook cover
Criminal Psychology: Topics in Applied Psychology ebook cover
The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children ebook cover
Global Lockdown: Race, Gender, and the Prison-Industrial Complex ebook cover
Social Work and the Law ebook cover