Criminology Ebooks

Race, Place, and Suburban Policing: Too Close for Comfort ebook cover
$25.95 $29.95
Criminal Justice: An Introduction to Philosophies, Theories and Practice ebook cover
Turning the Tide of Male Juvenile Delinquency: The Ocean Tides Approach ebook cover
$68.45 $74.99
Crime in Fact and Fiction ebook cover
Society and the Policeman's Role ebook cover
Lives of Incarcerated Women: An international perspective ebook cover
Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison, The (Subscription) ebook cover
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Dangerous Ground: The World of Hazardous Waste Crime ebook cover
$23.20 $29.95
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Animals and Criminal Justice ebook cover
$55.20 $79.95
Legal Dissonance: The Interaction of Criminal Law and Customary Law in Papua New Guinea ebook cover
The New Criminology: For a Social Theory of Deviance ebook cover
Methamphetamine: A Love Story ebook cover
$25.95 $29.95
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The Future of Crime and Punishment: Smart Policies for Reducing Crime and Saving Money ebook cover
$28.30 $37.99
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The Witness: Unfolding the Anatomy of a Killer ebook cover
$10.10 $12.99
Indigenous criminology ebook cover
Crow Indian Rock Art: Indigenous Perspectives and Interpretations ebook cover
Faking Ancient Mesoamerica ebook cover
Dirty Diggers: Tales from the Archaeological Trenches ebook cover
Field Archaeologist's Survival Guide ebook cover
Handbook of Postcolonial Archaeology ebook cover
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Human Killing Machines ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
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Juvenile Delinquency: A Sociological Approach ebook cover
$71.45 $97.99
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The Real School Safety Problem: The Long-Term Consequences of Harsh School Punishment ebook cover
$24.30 $29.95
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Killing the Competition: Economic Inequality and Homicide ebook cover
$17.75 $24.95