Criticism Ebooks

The City Crown by Bruno Taut ebook cover
Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place ebook cover
The Australian Ugliness: Text Classics ebook cover
Philanthropy and Light ebook cover
Building Apartheid: On Architecture and Order in Imperial Cape Town ebook cover
Landscapes of Mobility: Culture, Politics, and Placemaking ebook cover
Building (in) the Future: Recasting Labor in Architecture ebook cover
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The Challenge of Emulation in Art and Architecture: Between Imitation and Invention ebook cover
Place-making for the Imagination: Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill ebook cover
Recto Verso: Redefining the Sketchbook ebook cover
Atmospheres: Aesthetics of Emotional Spaces ebook cover
Charles Robert Cockerell, Architect in Time: Reflections around Anachronistic Drawings ebook cover
Perspective, Projections and Design: Technologies of Architectural Representation ebook cover
The Politics of Making ebook cover
Neural Networks for Knowledge Representation and Inference ebook cover
Architecture Re-assembled: The Use (and Abuse) of History ebook cover
Behind the Postcolonial: Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures in Indonesia ebook cover
Gender Studies in Architecture: Space, Power and Difference ebook cover
Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty ebook cover
Raw: Architectural Engagements with Nature ebook cover
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