Cultural Ebooks

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Mindscapes of Montreal: Qubec's Urban Novel, 1960-2005 ebook cover
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Claiming the Streets: Procession and Urban Culture in South Wales, c.1830-1880 ebook cover
$78.70 $100.00
Family Matters: Perspectives on the Family and Social Policy ebook cover
Social Integration of Migrant Workers and Other Ethnic Minorities ebook cover
Economic Sociology ebook cover
The American People and Science Policy ebook cover
Cultures in Contact: Studies in Cross-Cultural Interaction ebook cover
Religious Assortative Marriage: in the United States ebook cover
Costume and History in Highland Ecuador ebook cover
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Arctic Twilight: Leonard Budgell and Canada's Changing North ebook cover
$15.05 $19.99
Vernacular Religion in Everyday Life: Expressions of Belief ebook cover
Structured Worlds: The Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherer Thought and Action ebook cover
The Philosophy of Race ebook cover
Hunters of the Recent Past ebook cover
Ethnic Relations in Post-Soviet Russia: Russians and Non-Russians in the North Caucasus ebook cover
Place and Politics (Routledge Library Editions ebook cover
Leisurely Islam: Negotiating Geography and Morality in Shi'ite South Beirut ebook cover
Asian American Interethnic Relations and Politics ebook cover
From Tribe To Empire ebook cover
$321.90 $345.00
Propagation Of The Houbara Busta ebook cover
Old Modes Of Production & Capital In Africa ebook cover
Connecting Histories ebook cover
Wild Profusion: Biodiversity Conservation in an Indonesian Archipelago ebook cover
Studying the Jewish Future ebook cover