Data Processing Ebooks

The Visual Imperative: Creating a Visual Culture of Data Discovery ebook cover
Generating Plans from Proofs: The Interpolation-based Approach to Query Reformulation ebook cover
Mastering .NET Machine Learning ebook cover
Learning Responsive Data Visualization ebook cover
Exploratory Causal Analysis with Time Series Data ebook cover
Mastering JBoss Drools 6 ebook cover
Hadoop Real-World Solutions Cookbook - Second Edition ebook cover
R Machine Learning By Example ebook cover
OpenStack Sahara Essentials ebook cover
Relational Database Design and Implementation ebook cover
Learning Probabilistic Graphical Models in R ebook cover
Business Intelligence Strategy and Big Data Analytics: A General Management Perspective ebook cover
Instant Recovery with Write-Ahead Logging ebook cover
Particles and Waves in Electron Optics and Microscopy ebook cover
Advanced Splunk ebook cover
Python: Real-World Data Science ebook cover
Mastering Parallel Programming with R ebook cover
Intelligent Techniques for Data Analysis in Diverse Settings ebook cover
Big Data: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications ebook cover
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Big Data: Principles and Paradigms ebook cover
Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition ebook cover
Python Machine Learning Cookbook ebook cover
Mastering Scala Machine Learning ebook cover
R: Data Analysis and Visualization ebook cover