Demography Ebooks

Generation Jan ebook cover
Population and Strategies for National Sustainable Development ebook cover
Population Malthus: His Life and Times ebook cover
Political Arithmetic: A Symposium of Population Studies ebook cover
The Future Population of the World: What can we assume today ebook cover
Creating a New Consensus on Population ebook cover
Handbook of the Economics of International Migration: The Impact ebook cover
$140.15 $147.95
Handbook of the Economics of International Migration: The Immigrants ebook cover
$144.75 $153.00
The Population of the South: Structure and Change in Social Demographic Context ebook cover
Impact of Demographic Changes on Inflation and the Macroeconomy ebook cover
$7.65 $9.00
Population Dilemmas in the Middle East ebook cover
Veterans in the United States: Statistics and Resources ebook cover
$73.40 $99.50
Millennials in America ebook cover
$70.15 $95.00
Second Generations on the Move in Italy: Children of Immigrants Coming of Age ebook cover
$61.85 $83.50
County and City Extra 2016: Annual Metro, City, and County Data Book ebook cover
$124.15 $171.00
State Profiles 2016: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State ebook cover
$120.65 $166.00
The Atlas of Environmental Migration ebook cover
Unnatural Deaths in the U.S.S.R. ebook cover
The Lineaments of Population Policy in India: Women and Family Planning ebook cover
Germany in Transit: Nation and Migration, 1955-2005 ebook cover
$31.80 $38.95
European Immigration: A Sourcebook ebook cover
Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction ebook cover
Ultra-Low Fertility in Pacific Asia ebook cover
The Who, What, and Where of America: Understanding the American Community Survey ebook cover
$75.75 $94.99