Developing Countries Ebooks

Wives, Mistresses and Matriarchs: Asian women today ebook cover
The Struggle for Iraq's Future ebook cover
Mobilizing Gay Singapore: Rights and Resistance in an Authoritarian State ebook cover
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Socio-Analytic Dialogue: Incorporating Psychosocial Dynamics into Public Policies ebook cover
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Domination and Subordination as a Social Organization Principle in Georg Simmel's Soziologie ebook cover
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Blind Spot: How Neoliberalism Infiltrated Global Health ebook cover
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African Culture and Global Politics ebook cover
The End of the Developmental State? ebook cover
Online Journalism in Africa: Trends, Practices and Emerging Cultures ebook cover
Global South to the Rescue ebook cover
Fieldwork in the Global South: Ethical Challenges and Dilemmas ebook cover
The Food Question: Profits Versus People ebook cover
Decolonizing Global Mental Health: The psychiatrization of the majority world ebook cover
Green Growth and Travelism: Concept, Policy and Practice for Sustainable Tourism ebook cover
Brazil Emerging: Inequality and Emancipation ebook cover
Urbanization and Socio-Economic Development in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities ebook cover
The State and the Advocate: Case studies on development policy in Asia ebook cover
Continuity and Change in Sub-Saharan African Demography ebook cover
Translation Theory and Development Studies: A Complexity Theory Approach ebook cover
Global Management, Local Resistances: Theoretical Discussion and Empirical Case Studies ebook cover
Inclusive Urbanization ebook cover
Foreign Policy and Economic Dependence ebook cover
Local Science Vs Global Science ebook cover
Refugees and the Transformation of Societies: Agency, Policies, Ethics and Politics ebook cover