Developing Countries Ebooks

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Investment in Emerging Markets We Are Not in Kansas Anymore...Or Are We? ebook cover
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Adventures in Aidland: The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development ebook cover
Differentiating Development: Beyond an Anthropology of Critique ebook cover
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Life in the Time of Oil: A Pipeline and Poverty in Chad ebook cover
$17.80 $24.99
Culture, Health and Development in South Asia: Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh ebook cover
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Building Integrated Economies in West Africa ebook cover
$15.20 $20.00
Women and Disasters in South Asia: Survival, security and development ebook cover
Discourses of the Developing World: Researching properties, problems and potentials ebook cover
Social Development and Social Work Perspectives on Social Protection ebook cover
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Social Safeguards: Avoiding the Unintended Impacts of Development ebook cover
$6.45 $7.99
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Free Market Dogs: The Human-Canine Bond in Post-Communist Poland ebook cover
$22.50 $29.99
Political Discourse in Emergent, Fragile, and Failed Democracies ebook cover
Exploring Post-Development: Theory and Practice, Problems and Perspectives ebook cover
Conflict and the Refugee Experience ebook cover
Tanzania Country Brief ebook cover
$26.15 $29.95
The Power in the Writer: Collected Essays on Culture, Democracy and Development in Africa ebook cover
$20.05 $22.80
Innovation Systems and Capabilities in Developing Regions: Concepts, Issues and Cases ebook cover
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Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, 2nd Edition ebook cover
$13.85 $16.95
Public and Private in Natural Resource Governance: A False Dichotomy? ebook cover
Innovation Africa: Enriching Farmers' Livelihoods ebook cover
Poverty Reduction that Works: Experience of Scaling Up Development Success ebook cover
Towards a New Map of Africa ebook cover
Environment and Economics in Nigeria ebook cover
Global Variations in the Political and Social Economy of Care: Worlds Apart ebook cover