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China's Maritime Ambitions and the PLA Navy ebook cover
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The Currents of War: A New History of American-Japanese Relations, 1899-1941 ebook cover
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US Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology: Soft Power, Hard Heritage ebook cover
Chinese Diplomacy and the UN Security Council: Beyond the Veto ebook cover
U.S. Military Strategy in the Gulf (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
The International Politics of Human Rights: Rallying to the R2P Cause? ebook cover
Portugal in the European Union: Assessing Twenty-Five Years of Integration Experience ebook cover
Propaganda and Intelligence in the Cold War: The NATO information service ebook cover
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Helsinki 1975 and the Transformation of Europe ebook cover
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Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey ebook cover
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Perspectives in Waging Conflicts Constructively: Cases, Concepts, and Practice ebook cover
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