To the Secretary: Leaked Embassy Cables and America's Foreign Policy Disconnect ebook cover
The Trilateral Commission and Global Governance: Informal Elite Diplomacy, 1972-82 ebook cover
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The Clarity of Hindsight: The Words and Deeds of the Era ebook cover
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Contested Ideas of Regionalism in Asia ebook cover
Powerplay: The Origins of the American Alliance System in Asia ebook cover
Resolve in International Politics ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of United States-Middle East Relations ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of U.S. Diplomacy from the Civil War to World War I ebook cover
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India's National Security: Annual Review 2015-16 ebook cover
The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy ebook cover
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Israel and Palestine: Alternative Perspectives on Statehood ebook cover
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Putin's Insights on Russia,Japan and the World ebook cover
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Indian Ocean and Maritime Security: Competition, Cooperation and Threat ebook cover
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The Art of War & the Prince ebook cover
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The Global Vatican ebook cover
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Governing the World?: Addressing "Problems Without Passports" ebook cover
The Art of War & The Prince ebook cover
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International Relations as Negotiation ebook cover
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Periphery: Israel's Search for Middle East Allies ebook cover
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Applied Diplomacy: Through the Prism of Mythology ebook cover
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Conflict and Cooperation in Sino-US Relations: Change and Continuity, Causes and Cures ebook cover