Summary of Hard Choices: by Hillary Rodham Clinton | Includes Analysis ebook cover
Diplomatic Style and Foreign Policy: A Case Study of South Korea ebook cover
Summary of In the Garden of Beasts: by Erik Larson | Includes Analysis ebook cover
The Trilateral Commission and Global Governance: Informal Elite Diplomacy, 1972-82 ebook cover
Squandered Opportunity: Neoclassical Realism and Iran's Foreign Policy ebook cover
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Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ebook cover
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Creative Involvement: The Evolution of China's Global Role ebook cover
Creative Involvement: A New Direction in China's Diplomacy ebook cover
Between Empire and Continent: British Foreign Policy before the First World War ebook cover
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Perspectives in Waging Conflicts Constructively: Cases, Concepts, and Practice ebook cover
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A Most Canadian Odyssey: Education Diplomacy and Federalism, 1844-1984 ebook cover
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Acting Globally: Memoirs of Brazil's Assertive Foreign Policy ebook cover
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Messenger from Mystery: A Novel ebook cover
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Russia and NATO since 1991: From Cold War Through Cold Peace to Partnership? ebook cover
Neighborhood Challenge: The European Union and Its Neighbors ebook cover
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Toleration: The Liberal Virtue ebook cover
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Development Without Destruction: The Un and Global Ecology Resource Management ebook cover
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To Make the Earth Whole: The Art of Citizen Diplomacy in an Age of Religious Militancy ebook cover
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International Conflict in the Asia-Pacific: Patterns, Consequences and Management ebook cover
China on the World Stage ebook cover
Uncertain Democracy: U.S. Foreign Policy and Georgia's Rose Revolution ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of U.S. Diplomacy from the Revolution to Secession ebook cover
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