Direction & Production Ebooks

Sundancing: Hanging Out And Listening In At America's Most Important Film Festival ebook cover
My Last Sigh: The Autobiography of Luis Bunuel ebook cover
My Happy Days in Hollywood: A Memoir ebook cover
The Indie Producers Handbook: Creative Producing from A to Z ebook cover
Conversations with Scorsese ebook cover
Professional Digital Compositing: Essential Tools and Techniques ebook cover
Conversations with Woody Allen ebook cover
So You Want to Be a Producer ebook cover
What I Really Want to Do on Set in Hollywood: A Guide to Real Jobs in the Film Industry ebook cover
The Reel Truth ebook cover
Shooting to Kill ebook cover
Either You're in or You're in the Way ebook cover
The Big Picture: Filmmaking Lessons from a Life on the Set ebook cover
Kazan on Directing ebook cover
Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood's Golden Age at the American Film Institute ebook cover
My First Movie: Take Two: Ten Celebrated Directors Talk About Their First Film ebook cover
Federico Fellini: His Life and Work ebook cover
Photoshop for Digital Video: Creative Solutions for Professional Results ebook cover
The Budget Book for Film and Television ebook cover
Animation Writing and Development: From Script Development to Pitch ebook cover
The DJ Sales and Marketing Handbook ebook cover
Writing for Multimedia and the Web ebook cover
Uva's Guide To Cranes, Dollies, and Remote Heads ebook cover
Introduction to SNG and ENG Microwave ebook cover