Direction & Production Ebooks

HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting ebook cover
Continuity Supervisor ebook cover
The Insider's Guide to Film Finance ebook cover
Audio for Single Camera Operation ebook cover
Screen Adaptation: A Scriptwriting Handbook ebook cover
The Budget Book for Film and Television ebook cover
The Spectacle of the Real ebook cover
DVD Players and Drives ebook cover
Studio and Outside Broadcast Camerawork ebook cover
Production Safety for Film, Television and Video ebook cover
Corporate Media Production ebook cover
Directing and Producing for Television: A Format Approach ebook cover
Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic-Free Guide ebook cover
The Hollywood TV Producer: His Work and His Audience ebook cover
Directing for the Screen ebook cover
Audio Postproduction for Film and Video ebook cover
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The Walking Dead Live!: Essays on the Television Show ebook cover
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Television Sports Production ebook cover
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Firefly Revisited: Essays on Joss Whedon's Classic Series ebook cover
$64.45 $80.50
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Creativity, Culture and Commerce ebook cover
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Television Technology Demystified: A Non-technical Guide ebook cover
Directing - Basics, 40 questions, 40 Answers, 54 Executions 40 years in film production by William Irish ebook cover
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Open Book Theater Management: Ethical Theater Production ebook cover
$12.45 $14.99
Uva's Guide To Cranes, Dollies, and Remote Heads ebook cover