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Vulnerable Workers: Health, Safety and Well-being ebook cover
Reconnecting Markets ebook cover
Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide ebook cover
Marketing High Profit Product/Service Solutions ebook cover
Sustainable Value Chain Management: A Research Anthology ebook cover
Supply Chain Visibility: From Theory to Practice ebook cover
Financing Trade and International Supply Chains ebook cover
Applying Lean Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry ebook cover
Successful Outsourcing and Multi-Sourcing ebook cover
Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance ebook cover
How to Configure and Equip your Warehouse ebook cover
X-SCM: The New Science of X-treme Supply Chain Management ebook cover
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The Market-Driven Supply Chain ebook cover
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Logistical Excellence: It's Not Business As Usual ebook cover
How To Increase Your Warehouse Capacity. 191 Time Tested Ways to Find Space ebook cover
Dynamic Modeling of Transport Process Systems ebook cover
Handbook of Income Distribution ebook cover
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Global Supply Chains ebook cover
$71.90 $76.00
Fashion Supply Chain Management Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technologies ebook cover
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Assessing the Environmental Impact of Textiles and the Clothing Supply Chain ebook cover
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Cases on Supply Chain and Distribution Management: Issues and Principles ebook cover
Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology. A Dictionary on Business, Transportation, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Technology, and More! ebook cover
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A Supply Chain Management Guide to Business Continuity ebook cover
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Total Supply Chain Management ebook cover