Drama Ebooks

Thomas Sheridan of Smock-Alley ebook cover
Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy, 1587-1642 ebook cover
Philop Massinger's The Bondsman ebook cover
Style in Hamlet ebook cover
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Acting Up: Staging the Subject in Enlightenment France ebook cover
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The Forest and the Field: Changing Theatre in a Changing World ebook cover
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Poison's Dark Works in Renaissance England ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
Menander in Contexts ebook cover
The Court Comedies of John Lyly: A Study in Allegorical Dramaturgy ebook cover
Seven One-Act Plays by Holberg ebook cover
Placing the Plays of Christopher Marlowe: Fresh Cultural Contexts ebook cover
Time, Narrative, and Emotion in Early Modern England ebook cover
Death in American Texts and Performances: Corpses, Ghosts, and the Reanimated Dead ebook cover
Christopher Marlowe the Craftsman: Lives, Stage, and Page ebook cover
Rabelais's Radical Farce: Late Medieval Comic Theater and Its Function in Rabelais ebook cover
Adaptations of Laurence Sterne's Fiction: Sterneana, 1760-1840 ebook cover
Sensory Experience and the Metropolis on the Jacobean Stage (1603-1625) ebook cover
Tragedy and Trauma in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe ebook cover
W.B. Yeats and World Literature: The Subject of Poetry ebook cover
Theatrical Unrest: Ten Riots in the History of the Stage, 1601-2004 ebook cover
The Art of John Webster ebook cover
Hamlet: Fold on Fold ebook cover
Shakespeare's Comedies: Explorations in Form ebook cover
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Shakespeare and Abraham ebook cover
$19.20 $27.00