Drama Ebooks

Christopher Marlowe ebook cover
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The Shakespearean World ebook cover
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Playing the Martyr: Theater and Theology in Early Modern France ebook cover
$55.70 $74.99
The Routledge Research Companion to Shakespeare and Classical Literature ebook cover
Michael Chekhov ebook cover
A Formalist Theatre ebook cover
Shakespeare on Toast: Getting a Taste for the Bard ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
Ben Jonson: Four Comedies ebook cover
Greek Tragedy and the Emotions (Routledge Revivals): An Introductory Study ebook cover
The Anatomy of Drama (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
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J.O. Francis, realist drama and ethics: culture, place and nation ebook cover
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When Honour's at the Stake (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
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Goethe's Faust and Cultural Memory: Comparatist Interfaces ebook cover
$62.45 $77.99
Roman Literature, Gender and Reception: Domina Illustris ebook cover
A Preface to Marlowe ebook cover
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(Re)viewing Creative, Critical and Commercial Practices in Contemporary Spanish Cinema ebook cover
$66.40 $83.00
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Politics and Drama: Change, Challenge and Transition in Bernard Shaw and Orhan Asena ebook cover
$12.75 $15.99
New Historicism and Renaissance Drama ebook cover
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Clyde Fitch and the American Theatre: An Olive in the Cocktail ebook cover
$102.30 $139.99
English Drama of the Early Modern Period 1890-1940 ebook cover
Time, Narrative, and Emotion in Early Modern England ebook cover
Adaptations of Laurence Sterne's Fiction: Sterneana, 1760-1840 ebook cover
Tragedy and Trauma in the Plays of Christopher Marlowe ebook cover
W.B. Yeats and World Literature: The Subject of Poetry ebook cover