Economic Conditions Ebooks

Contemporary Regional Development in Africa ebook cover
Virtue and Economy: Essays on Morality and Markets ebook cover
African Youth Cultures in a Globalized World: Challenges, Agency and Resistance ebook cover
Crisis and Promise in the Caribbean: Politics and Convergence ebook cover
The Defense Industrial Base: Strategies for a Changing World ebook cover
The Political Economy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: From Theories to Practice ebook cover
The European Union and Humanitarian Crises: Patterns of Intervention ebook cover
A Moment of Equality for Latin America?: Challenges for Redistribution ebook cover
State, Land and Democracy in Southern Africa ebook cover
Principles and Practices of Fiscal Autonomy: Experiences, Debates and Prospects ebook cover
Institutional System Analysis in Political Economy ebook cover
Challenges of European External Energy Governance with Emerging Powers ebook cover
Ethical Consumption: Social Value and Economic Practice ebook cover
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Rebirth: Political, Economic and Social Development in First Nations ebook cover
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Participatory Budgeting in Europe: Democracy and public governance ebook cover
The Civil Society Guide to Regional Economic Communities in Africa ebook cover
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The Neoliberal Subject: Resilience, Adaptation and Vulnerability ebook cover
$29.05 $38.99
They Own It All (Including You)!: By Means of Toxic Currency ebook cover
The Communist Manifesto ebook cover
China's Enterprise Reform: Changing State/Society Relations After Mao ebook cover
Liberalism against Liberalism ebook cover
Ethical Codes and Income Distribution: A Study of John Bates Clark and Thorstein Veblen ebook cover
Kapitalizm: Russia's Struggle to Free Its Economy ebook cover
Governing Regional Integration for Development ebook cover