Economic Conditions Ebooks

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Is the East Still Red?: Socialism and the Market in China ebook cover
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Disinherited Majority: Capital Questions-Piketty and Beyond ebook cover
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The Real Cyber War: The Political Economy of Internet Freedom ebook cover
$17.25 $22.50
Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies ebook cover
Rising Powers, Global Governance and Global Ethics ebook cover
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The BRICS and the Future of Global Order ebook cover
$35.95 $44.99
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Progressive Capitalism in Britain: Pillars for a New Political Economy ebook cover
$13.85 $16.99
The Economics of U.S. Health Care Policy ebook cover
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Data Mining for the Social Sciences: An Introduction ebook cover
$32.20 $39.95
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A Diet of Austerity: Class, Food and Climate Change ebook cover
$8.05 $9.99
Deficits and Debt in Industrialized Democracies ebook cover
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Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation: New Ideas for Investment-Led Growth ebook cover
$21.00 $25.99
Hollowed Out: Why the Economy Doesn't Work without a Strong Middle Class ebook cover
$24.25 $27.95
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Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy ebook cover
$13.85 $16.99
Strengthening International Courts: The Hidden Costs of Legalization ebook cover
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When Corporations Rule the World ebook cover
$17.20 $22.95
The Price of China's Economic Development: Power, Capital, and the Poverty of Rights ebook cover
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Elite Recruitment and Coherence of the Inner Core of Power in Finland ebook cover
$71.00 $89.99
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Supporting Investors and Growth Firms: A Bottom-Up Approach to a Capital Markets Union ebook cover
$13.85 $16.99
Currency Power: Understanding Monetary Rivalry ebook cover
Introduction to International Political Economy ebook cover
Global Political Economy ebook cover
The Luck of Politics: True Tales of Disaster and Outrageous Fortune ebook cover
$16.05 $18.12
Sailing the Water's Edge: The Domestic Politics of American Foreign Policy ebook cover