Economic Development Ebooks

Revolutions in Development Inquiry ebook cover
Europe's Green Revolution and its Successors
The Rise and Fall of Peasant-Friendly Plant Breeding
Economic and Trade Policies in the Arab World ebook cover
Fair Trade Organizations and Social Enterprise ebook cover
Poverty Reduction that Works: Experience of Scaling Up Development Success ebook cover
Beyond the Global Crisis ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library: Environment and Human Well-being: A Practical Strategy ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library: A Home in The City ebook cover
China's Climate Policy ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library: Trade in Development ebook cover
Towards a New Map of Africa ebook cover
The Political Economy of Underdevelopment ebook cover
The Transformation of Agri-Food Systems ebook cover
Participatory Workshops: A Sourcebook of 21 Sets of Ideas and Activities ebook cover
Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in South Asia ebook cover
Value Chains, Social Inclusion and Economic Development ebook cover
Knowing Poverty: Critical Reflections on Participatory Research and Policy ebook cover
Sustainability Economics: An Introduction ebook cover
Fiscal Space: Policy Options for Financing Human Development ebook cover
Industrialisation and Rural Livelihoods in China: Agricultural Processing in Sichuan ebook cover