Economic Development Ebooks

Taxation and Economic Development (Routledge Revivals): Twelve Critical Studies ebook cover
Class Structure and Economic Growth: India and Pakistan Since the Moghuls ebook cover
Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a Hot World ebook cover
Mining and Social Transformation in Africa ebook cover
Economics and Regulation in China ebook cover
Microfinance, Debt and Over-Indebtedness: Juggling with Money ebook cover
Systemic Competitiveness: New Governance Patterns for Industrial Development ebook cover
Disasters and the Small Dwelling: Perspectives for the UN IDNDR ebook cover
Economic Equality and Fertility in Developing Countries ebook cover
Regional Development in the 1990s: The British Isles in Transition ebook cover
Encyclopedia of the Developing World ebook cover
The Legacy of Ireland's Economic Expansion: Geographies of the Celtic Tiger ebook cover
Understanding Small-Island Developing States: Fragility and External Shocks ebook cover
Leadership and Place ebook cover
Toward a Binding Climate Change Adaptation Regime: A Proposed Framework ebook cover
The BRICs and Emerging Economies in Comparative Perspective ebook cover
The India Handbook ebook cover
The Role of the State in Development Processes ebook cover
United States and Chile: Coming in From the Cold ebook cover
The Workers' State Meets the Market: Labour in China's Transition ebook cover
Conflict, Political Accountability and Aid ebook cover
Global Governance of Genetic Resources ebook cover
Institutions and Development After the Financial Crisis ebook cover
The Universal Social Safety-Net and the Attack on World Poverty ebook cover