Economic Development Ebooks

Evaluation of the International Finance Corporation's Global Trade Finance Program, 2006-12 ebook cover
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Demanding Accountability: Civil Society Claims and the World Bank Inspection Panel ebook cover
$36.80 $45.50
How Much have Global Problems Cost the World? ebook cover
Schumpeterian Analysis of Economic Catch-Up ebook cover
Confronting Global Neoliberalism: Third World Resistance and Development Strategies ebook cover
Kenya: A Natural Outlook: Geo-Environmental Resources and Hazards ebook cover
$162.10 $172.00
Vertical Specialization and Trade Surplus in China ebook cover
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Yunnan-A Chinese Bridgehead to Asia ebook cover
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Globalization, Change and Learning in South Asia ebook cover
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Asia in the Global ICT Innovation Network: Dancing with the Tigers ebook cover
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The Private Sector's Role in Poverty Reduction in Asia ebook cover
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Music City's Showcase ebook cover
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Capacity for Development: New Solutions to Old Problems ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library ebook cover
Financing Urban Shelter: Global Report on Human Settlements 2005 ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library: Coming to Grips with Malaria in the New Millennium ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library: Innovation: Applying Knowledge in Development ebook cover
Exploring Sustainable Development: Geographical Perspectives ebook cover
Indices and Indicators in Development: An Unhealthy Obsession with Numbers ebook cover
Survival for a Small Planet: The Sustainable Development Agenda ebook cover
The Sustainability Curriculum: The Challenge for Higher Education ebook cover
The Selfish Altruist: Relief Work in Famine and War ebook cover
Measuring Sustainability: Learning From Doing ebook cover