Economic Development Ebooks

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Broken Promises of Globalization: The Case of the Bangladesh Garment Industry ebook cover
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Emerging Markets and the Global Economy: A Handbook ebook cover
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The Theory of Economic Development ebook cover
$21.90 $30.95
The Globalisation of Executives and Economies: Lessons from Thailand ebook cover
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South Korea: Challenging Globalisation and the Post-Crisis Reforms ebook cover
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Development and Globalization: A Marxian Class Analysis ebook cover
The No-Growth Imperative ebook cover
East Asia 2000 and Beyond: Shaping Factors/Shaping Actors ebook cover
Theories of Development ebook cover
Dot.cons ebook cover
Urban Poverty in the Global South: Scale and Nature ebook cover
Institutional Reform in Central Asia: Politico-Economic Challenges ebook cover
State Reform and Development in the Middle East ebook cover
The Domestic Politics of Foreign Aid ebook cover
The Post-Soviet Decline of Central Asia ebook cover
Indigenous Discourses on Knowledge and Development in Africa ebook cover
Business in Post-Communist Russia: Privatisation and the Limits of Transformation ebook cover
Evaluation Methodologies for Aid in Conflict ebook cover
Factors in Economic Development ebook cover
China's Integration in Asia: Economic Security and Strategic Issues ebook cover
Strengthen the Country and Enrich the People: The Reform Writings of Ma Jianzhong ebook cover
The Coherence of EU Regional Policy: Contrasting Perspectives on the Structural Funds ebook cover
Transition and Development in India ebook cover