Economic History Ebooks

The Big Ditch: How America Took, Built, Ran, and Ultimately Gave Away the Panama Canal ebook cover
Monetary Theory from Hume and Smith to Wicksell ebook cover
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Inequality in Living Standards since 1980: Income Tells Only a Small Part of the Story ebook cover
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Hayek, Mill and the Liberal Tradition ebook cover
The German Economy in the Twentieth Century (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
The Evolution of a Nation: How Geography and Law Shaped the American States ebook cover
Defying Empire: Trading with the Enemy in Colonial New York ebook cover
The Money Men ebook cover
The Death of Detroit ebook cover
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Lowcountry Time and Tide: The Fall of the South Carolina Rice Kingdom ebook cover
$25.85 $33.99
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The Plantation ebook cover
$10.90 $13.99
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Boom and Bust: Financial Cycles and Human Prosperity ebook cover
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Keynes's Way to Wealth: Timeless Investment Lessons from The Great Economist ebook cover
$23.45 $27.00
The Development of Japanese Business: 1600-1973 ebook cover
Agrindus: Integration of AGRIculture and INDUStries ebook cover
An Economic History of England: the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
A History of Industrial Life Assurance ebook cover
The Growth and Role of UK Financial Institutions, 1880-1966 ebook cover
W.D. & H.O. Wills and the development of the UK tobacco Industry: 1786-1965 ebook cover
Economic and Social Change in a MIdland Town: Victorian Nottingham 1815-1900 ebook cover
The Growth of the Athenian Economy ebook cover
By the Sweat of Their Brow: Women workers at Victorian Coal Mines ebook cover
Provincial Stock Exchanges ebook cover
A Monetary History of the United Kingdom: 1870-1982 ebook cover