Economic History Ebooks

Britain's Economic Prospects Reconsidered ebook cover
An Economic History of Western Europe 1945-1964 ebook cover
Social Change in the Industrial Revolution ebook cover
Capital and Steam Power: 1750-1800 ebook cover
The Individual in Society: Papers on Adam Smith ebook cover
The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
Silver in England ebook cover
Writings on Imperialism and Internationalism (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
The Banks and the Monetary System in the UK, 1959-1971 ebook cover
Large Databases in Economic History: Research Methods and Case Studies ebook cover
The Rising of the Luddites: Chartists and Plug-Drawers ebook cover
The Political Economy of Gunnar Myrdal: Transcending Dilemmas Post-2008 ebook cover
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The Blind Decades: Employment and Growth in France, 1974-2014 ebook cover
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Cast Away: For These Reasons ebook cover
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Marginal Workers, Marginal Jobs: The Underutilization of American Workers ebook cover
The Industrialization of S£o Paulo, 1800-1945 ebook cover
Global Great Depression and the Coming of World War II ebook cover
The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East ebook cover
The New Economic History of the Railways (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Commerce and Community: Ecologies of Social Cooperation ebook cover
Why Australia Prospered: The Shifting Sources of Economic Growth ebook cover
Fortune Tellers: The Story of America's First Economic Forecasters ebook cover
Study of Economic History: Collected Inaugural Lectures 1893-1970 ebook cover
Our Coal and Coal Pits ebook cover