Economic History Ebooks

The Challenges of Globalization: Economy and Politics in Germany, 1860-1914 ebook cover
The Dynamics of German Industry ebook cover
The Forgotten Majority ebook cover
American Big Business in Britain and Germany ebook cover
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The Medieval Broadcloth: Changing Trends in Fashions, Manufacturing and Consumption ebook cover
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The History of Ancient Chinese Economic Thought ebook cover
An Economic History of Modern France ebook cover
The Spread of Political Economy and the Professionalisation of Economists ebook cover
A History of Russian Economic Thought ebook cover
The World of Private Banking ebook cover
Economic Reform ebook cover
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$107.20 $149.00
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The Canadian Century ebook cover
$3.71 $4.99
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Fearful Symmetry - the Fall and Rise of Canada's Founding Values ebook cover
$3.55 $4.99
Vilfredo Pareto: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries ebook cover
Through the Eye of a Needle ebook cover
Arbitraging Japan: Dreams of Capitalism at the End of Finance ebook cover
$25.95 $29.95
The Death of Detroit ebook cover
The Good Rich and What They Cost Us ebook cover
Builders of a New South: Merchants, Capital, and the Remaking of Natchez, 1865-1914 ebook cover
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The Medici Bank: Its Organization, Management, Operations, and Decline ebook cover
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The Russian Fur Trade, 1550-1700 ebook cover
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Bad Economics - Pestilent Economists, Profligate Governments, Debt, Dependency & Despair ebook cover
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A Destiny of Choice?: New Directions in American Consumer History ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99