Economic History Ebooks

MIT and the Rise of Entrepreneurial Science ebook cover
Labor and Imperial Democracy in Prewar Japan ebook cover
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John Stuart Mill and Freedom of Expression: The Genesis of a Theory ebook cover
The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization ebook cover
Poverty in the Roman World ebook cover
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The Idea of Capitalism before the Industrial Revolution ebook cover
$24.45 $30.00
The American Merchant Experience in Nineteenth Century Japan ebook cover
The Business of Genocide: The SS, Slave Labor, and the Concentration Camps ebook cover
History of Environmental Economic Thought ebook cover
Economies Beyond Agriculture in the Classical World ebook cover
Consumption Takes Time: Implications for Economic Theory ebook cover
Confederate Industry ebook cover
$28.15 $30.00
Piero Sraffa: His Life, Thought and Cultural Heritage ebook cover
Understanding the Industrial Revolution ebook cover
Fifty Years in Wall Street ebook cover
Judith Butler: From Norms to Politics ebook cover
The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America ebook cover
Reckless Endangerment ebook cover
The Price of Liberty: Paying for America's Wars ebook cover
The American Disease ebook cover
A Disposition to Be Rich ebook cover
Age of Greed: The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America, 1970 to the Present ebook cover
Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II ebook cover
While America Aged ebook cover