Economic History Ebooks

Public Entrepreneurs: Agents for Change in American Government ebook cover
After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy ebook cover
Institutions and European Trade ebook cover
Bengal Industries and the British Industrial Revolution (1757-1857) ebook cover
The Modern World-System IV: Centrist Liberalism Triumphant, 1789-1914 ebook cover
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Unified Growth Theory ebook cover
The Reinterpretation of Italian Economic History ebook cover
The Poverty of Clio: Resurrecting Economic History ebook cover
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The Essence of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations ebook cover
$8.05 $9.99
Partnership and Profit in Medieval Islam ebook cover
The Changing Body ebook cover
What's Next?: Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy ebook cover
Resorting to Casinos ebook cover
$41.45 $45.00
The Evolution of a Nation: How Geography and Law Shaped the American States ebook cover
Creating Wine: The Emergence of a World Industry, 1840-1914 ebook cover
Organizing Access To Capital: Advocacy And The Democratization ebook cover
$27.00 $30.95
A Global History of the Financial Crash of 2007-10 ebook cover
Public Policy and the Public Interest ebook cover
International Economic Relations Since 1945 ebook cover
Power, Culture, and Economic Change in Russia ebook cover
Stalin's Economist: The Economic Contributions of Jeno Varga ebook cover
Austrian and German Economic Thought: From Subjectivism to Social Evolution ebook cover
A Critical History of the Economy ebook cover
Crises and Cycles in Economic Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias ebook cover