Economic History Ebooks

Cultures Merging: A Historical and Economic Critique of Culture ebook cover
Perfect Competition and the Transformation of Economics ebook cover
History of Environmental Economic Thought ebook cover
A History of Small Business in America ebook cover
Economists and Societies ebook cover
The Struggle Over the Soul of Econmics ebook cover
Confederate Industry ebook cover
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Economies Beyond Agriculture in the Classical World ebook cover
Family Fictions and Family Facts ebook cover
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Rural Society and Cotton in Colonial Zaire ebook cover
$13.25 $15.95
Money on the Move: The Revolution in International Finance Since 1980 ebook cover
Medieval Islamic Economic Thought: Filling the Great Gap in European Economics ebook cover
Economics and Utopia ebook cover
Pillars of Prosperity: The Political Economics of Development Clusters ebook cover
The Tyranny of Utility: Behavioral Social Science and the Rise of Paternalism ebook cover
John Stuart Mill and Freedom of Expression: The Genesis of a Theory ebook cover
The International Economy Since 1945 ebook cover
Piero Sraffa: His Life, Thought and Cultural Heritage ebook cover
Understanding the Industrial Revolution ebook cover
Japanese Financial Markets ebook cover
$259.70 $285.00
Merchant Kings: When Companies Ruled the World, 1600--1900 ebook cover
Friedrich Hayek: A Biography: A Biography ebook cover
Greenspan's Fraud: How Two Decades of His Policies Have Undermined the Global Economy ebook cover
A Savage Empire: Trappers, Traders, Tribes, and the Wars That Made America ebook cover