Economic History Ebooks

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The Medieval Broadcloth: Changing Trends in Fashions, Manufacturing and Consumption ebook cover
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The Reinterpretation of Italian Economic History ebook cover
Production, Distribution and Trade: Alternative Perspectives ebook cover
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The Essence of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe ebook cover
From Privileges to Rights: Work and Politics in Colonial New York City ebook cover
The Little Green Data Book 2013 ebook cover
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Shade-Grown Slavery: The Lives of Slaves on Coffee Plantations in Cuba ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
Deception and Abuse at the Fed: Henry B. Gonzalez Battles Alan Greenspan's Bank ebook cover
$21.35 $24.95
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Political Vanity: Adam Ferguson on the Moral Tensions of Early Capitalism ebook cover
$26.85 $33.00
Wildcat Currency: How the Virtual Money Revolution Is Transforming the Economy ebook cover
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Justice in the Marketplace in Early Modern Spain ebook cover
$97.90 $123.50
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Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism ebook cover
$32.85 $40.50
The Impact of Railways on Victorian Cities ebook cover
A Perspective of Wages and Prices (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Wage-Fixing (Routledge Revivals): Stagflation - Volume 1 ebook cover
Neurobehavioral Plasticity: Learning, Development, and Response to Brain Insults ebook cover
Adam Smith ebook cover
A History of Australian Economic Thought (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Adam Smith's Sociological Economics ebook cover
Human Documents of Adam Smith's Time ebook cover
Giddens' Theory of Structuration: A Critical Appreciation ebook cover
The Paretian Tradition During the Interwar Period: From Dynamics to Growth ebook cover
Economic Growth in the West: Comparative Experience in Europe and North America ebook cover