Economics Ebooks

Sonic Boom: Globalization at Mach Speed ebook cover
A Beginner's Guide to the World Economy ebook cover
The Growth Map: Economic Opportunity in the BRICs and Beyond ebook cover
The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos ebook cover
Introduction to Islamic Economics: Theory and Application ebook cover
Why the West Rules--for Now ebook cover
Superpower?: The Amazing Race Between China's Hare and India's Tortoise ebook cover
Inflation, Employment and Business Fluctuations ebook cover
Advanced Options Trading: Approaches, Tools, and Techniques for Professionals Traders ebook cover
$38.70 $45.00
Classical Liberalism and International Economic Order ebook cover
Global Financial Crises and Reforms: Cases and Caveats ebook cover
Multilateralism and the World Trade Organisation ebook cover
Foundations of International Economics ebook cover
Conflict and cooperation on South Asia ' s international rivers: A legal perspective ebook cover
$21.90 $24.99
East Asia Integrates: A Trade Policy Agenda for Shared Growth ebook cover
$17.65 $19.99
Globalization for Development: Trade, Finance, Aid, Migration, and Policy ebook cover
$26.15 $30.00
Building a Dynamic Europe ebook cover
The Development of Capitalism in Russia ebook cover
Japan's Economic Power and Security: Japan and North Korea ebook cover
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Gulf Capital and Islamic Finance: The Rise of the New Global Players ebook cover
$44.00 $55.00
An Introduction to International Economics ebook cover
Advantage: How American Innovation Can Overcome the Asian Challenge ebook cover
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NAFTA and Labor in North America ebook cover
$17.55 $22.50